[text] Remind me, why are we still friends?

[text] Because you love me, and I love you.


No matter what age, at this moment Mark felt like a five year old again, stuck in a hospital, knowing people in white coats carrying most likely injections of some sort with them, would come to stick a needle in his body. He wasn’t content with the thought, so like any kid that age, he ran, wanting to get away as soon as possible. Without thinking over what would happen afterwards as he still had to face Jackson, and the chance he’d be dragged back would be big as well. But in the heat of the moment, he only decided to run and get away from that building as soon and far as possible.

His little adventure of finding the exit as soon and steady as possible, didn’t last long because as he was about to step out of the building, and all too familiar voice echoed from behind, making him flinch and stop in his spot, as though he wouldn’t be seen if he stopped moving all together. Which was a fail after all aswell, being grabbed by his wrist and tugged back while receiving some threats from the other. ‘I don’t want to.’ he admitted, though he didn’t really struggle against his hold knowing it was probably useless anyway.

Normally, he wasn’t one to be afraid of hospitals that much, usually being the one telling others to just go there for a check up or to comfort other’s who were afraid but now being the one who had to get helped, he couldn’t help but feel slightly terrified. And thereby a sudden fear of needles appeared as well, as the other had mentioned those before, now imagining a giant needle pierce through his skin, he wasn’t exactly too comfortable. Finding himself seated down on a chair in the same little space as earlier on, he pressed his lips together somewhat nervously. 

He wasn’t caring whether the other wanted it or not, he would return to sit his butt on that plastic chair anyway. Even if Jackson had to drag him behind his own self. Fortunately for him, Mark didn’t even struggled against his hold. It wasn’t difficult to bring him back into the waiting room and made him sit back down. “Be quiet now,” he wagged his finger menacingly at him, before turning back to the doctor that he had previously met.

After a few minutes talking in Korean, Jackson bowed his head politely and went back to his friend. “He says you can go for the x-ray right now. But first, they need you to go get changed in this room,” he pointed to another door, not far from their position. “No jewelry. Just you, naked in a beautiful gown,” he teased the oldest of them, giving him a sly smile, and poked his stomach. “I’m sure it will suit you well.”

He patted his shoulder, encouraging him as much as he could. “I’ll wait here until you have finished changing your clothes, and I’ll go with you inside for the x-ray, if you want,” he muttered as he plopped down on a chair. He was a little worried about the other now. Although he was older, he did not seem to always be able to take care of himself properly. “Don’t make me worried anymore and just do as you’re being told, dude,” he requested, giving the elder a stern look. “It’s just an x-ray, everything will be just fine.”

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  • [text] Are you stupid?
  • [text] Night, I love you.
  • [text] We’ll talk again tomorrow.
  • [text] Ha, that’s not funny.
  • [text] Wanna hang out?
  • [text] I’ll be there in ten minutes.
  • [text] Open the door, I’m here.
  • [text] SOS!!! I’m in trouble!!
  • [text] Remind me, why are we still friends?
  • [text] Morning, sunshine!
  • [text] Where the hell are you???
  • [text] Can’t stop thinking about you.
  • [text] I just came up with the most amazing idea.
  • [text] Are you still up? I can’t sleep.
  • [text] Are you coming to the party tomorrow?
  • [text] Bailing on me again? You suck.
  • [text] Get me out of here.
  • [text] Don’t get too drunk tonight.
  • [text] It’s official, I hate you.
  • [text] Can’t talk now, call me later. What’s going on?
  • [text] What’s with you and all the smiley faces?
  • [text] Have you finished your homework? I need a hand.
  • [text] Don’t be late tomorrow.
  • [text] Missing you. Call me?
  • [text] I’m sorry.
  • [text] I sense a heartfelt conversation coming up.
  • [text] Don’t get sappy on me.
  • [text] Sweet dreams!
  • [text] What’s gonna happen if I don’t show up?